Customise your slipper launch

Full leather interior

Create your own design with leather, suede or alcantara, available in a range of colours, with stitching, fluting, embossing, laser-etching, contrast piping

Power-driven opening/closing front and rear hatches

For smooth and convenient operation of the hatches to access the trunk area and engine room

Electric propulsion with either a fixed motor or a choice of pods.

Propulsion system for boats powered by lithium batteries to deliver higher performance on lakes and waterways with unrestricted speed limits to allow the boat to reach higher speeds

Power-driven opening/closing hood

For smooth and convenient operation of the hood

Seating configuration

Various configurations can be installed for comfort or to provided additional seats – u-shape rear seating, back-to-back front seating, front bench seat with under-seat cooler and foldaway picnic table

Additional accessories

For improved comfort: extra large hamper with Waterford crystal glasses, extra umbrellas, SatNav unit, depth gauge, LED map & reading light, sound system, bespoke sheepskin foot mats, small side-ladder to access the water

Euro-style rear deck

In-deck or retractable steps for ease of access when mooring stern in

Lloyd Loom chairs

Traditional seating found in the original slipper launches, available in an array of shapes, sizes and colours

Bow thruster

A small propeller installed in the bow to improve manoeuvrability in difficult situations or windy conditions

Full electric power with lithium battery pack

State-of-the-art electric propulsion systems with lithium power to deliver longer range and faster charging


Cooled or ambient temperature storage units can be discreetly fitted


LED lighting can be installed below the waterline and within the cockpit to provide ambient illumination – available in a range of colours