Every detail is meticulously restored whilst respecting the craftsmanship of each boat

Restoring & Replacing Timbers

Each boat is stripped back to its bare timbers. A variety of timbers were used by Andrews, from rich, warm mahogany and teak to paler cedar and spruce. We expertly match the original timbers if they need replacing. The slipper launch deck is laid with planks of timber and we use modern caulking between. Using contrasting timbers with different tones, such as sapele and cedar, creates a striking period striped effect.

Varnishing & Paintwork

The high shine, glass-like finish of the timber is achieved by thoroughly preparing the timber followed by the careful application of multiple layers of varnish, each of the correct consistency and rubbed down in between, to protect the timber and extend the launch’s longevity as well as giving the desirable finish. The hull is treated to new paintwork.


Traditionally, Lloyd Loom chairs were used for seating. However, over the years other types of seating configurations were installed; a bench seat across the stern and helm, horseshoe bench seating in the stern. We replace these with comfortable upholstered seating in marine leather, suede or vinyl, in any colour. We can reconfigure the seating if required.


Original BMC or Austin petrol engines are rebuilt or can be replaced with either a power train of your choice or modern electric propulsion and the latest digital batteries. The boats are rewired with the highest quality marine wire to a modern specification.

Finishing Touches

The original fittings and lights are replaced with chrome-plated brass replacements, cast from the original Andrews patterns. A new Bluemels' steering wheel is fitted, moulded in black or cream Bakelite-like celluloid with chromed stainless steel spokes to the original pattern. Gauges for the dash are replaced with new ones manufactured by Smiths Instruments and customised with dials to match the colour of the hull. The cove lines and name of the boat are reinstated and gilded in gold leaf.

Contemporary Essentials

The boats are updated with contemporary additions for comfort and convenience in the 21st century, as standard. These include: electronic ignition, hydraulic steering, Bang & Olufsen bluetooth speakers, fold-away Champagne glass holders, a removable electric cool box. A host of other options are available. See the options page.

Restoration Project - Natsumi

The complete restoration of Natsumi began in 2021 and was completed in August 2022. We have added photographs which document her journey along with an explanation of each stage.

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